Hafrak Project Boards


The Hafrak Project Board functions as a central reference point where
working drawings of a work in progress are centrally gathered. It becomes
a control file for reference, removal, and insertion of sheets as daily changes
occur. It serves both the project manager and team members who need
current status details.

Project Boards are shipped with a white styrene back cover  and clear front
cover to protect the sheets, and a double sided hook & loop band to secure
the pages. Made with a rigid 3/32 black poly panel.

When the set is bound we recommend using cable ties for lie flat easy
page turning. Cable ties are easily cut allowing pages to be replace and
again bound with inexpensive cable ties. You will find this easier than
removing staples or un-doing fasteners.


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Utilizing 1.5″ three (3) ring mounting hardware:

  • HAF 37 for three-hole punched 11″ x 17″ or 12″ x 18″ sheets – no handle. $14.90
  • HAF 38 for three-hole punched 11″ x 17″ or 12″ x 18″ sheets – with handle. $17.40

Utilizing 1.5″ four (4) ring mounting hardware:

  • HAF 51 for four-hole punched 15″ x 21″ sheets – no handle. $17.90
  • HAF 52 for four-hole punched 15″ x 21″ sheets – with handle. $21.40

To accomplish four (4) hole punching of 15″ x 21″ sheets, a multi-hole punch is necessary:

  • HAFMHP Swingline Heavy Duty Punch to punch four (4) A4 spaced holes on up to twenty (20) sheets. $87.75

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