Onyx Clamshell Box


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Clamshell boxes are often the best choice where presentation is as important a factor as storage,
transport, and protection. This is particularly applicable for work that is regularly presented or
viewed but safely housed in between.

Clamshell boxes have the appeal of being ”lockers” that converts to a ”stage.” Ruggedly constructed
and well sealed, These clamshell portfolio boxes flip open to provide a handsome, complimentary
background that enhances and frames the contained works. Hinged design allows top to fold open
and lay flat, providing easy and instant access. This design, moreover, facilitates transfer of stored
items from one side to the other for smooth and professional presentation. An additional benefit is
that documents are subject to less physical handling compared to conventional boxes. Also, works
in clamshell boxes can be edge-handled with fingers never touching the surface of the work.

All sizes are for conventional working sizes. Boxes are 1/4″ larger than size indicated.

The benefits are obvious.

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