Paolo Cardelli – Debossing

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F R E E   debossing of 100 binders

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Debossing produces recessed lettering that is permanently pressed into the surface of any Paolo Cardelli binder. Using a metal die, a logo, name or other art is pressed into the surface of each binder. No color is applied, but the recessed impression is both tactile and highly visible. If color is essential it can be added at an additional cost.

Prior to your debossing purchase you can receive a digital impression proof of your art on any Paolo Cardelli binder.  It’s ‘free’ and quick – contact gdfw to receive a digital impression.

Debossing requires the costly creation of a metal die for stamping.  The flat rate cost of $228 is the total debossing cost for any quantity of binders below 100.

The cost of the die stamp and debossing are ‘FREE” when an order is placed
for one hundred (100) or more binders.

If you are considering an order for one hundred (100) or more binders,
read the artwork instructions below and  –  leave this page and contact gdfw –  
there is nothing to buy.

Ships within 7 days of proof approval.

Blind Debossing artwork requirements and how to submit your artwork:

  1. We accept vector files (.eps)
  2. Type must be converted to outlines (vector art)
  3. Artwork must be sized at 100%, the exact size to be imprinted
  4. Artwork may not exceed a size of 2″ x 6″
  5. Images greater than 2″ x 6″ may require multiple die impressions and related charges.
  6. Artwork must be set as 100% black. Only black areas will be debossed
  7. Include with your email the following:
    1. Name , phone number, and email address
    2. The product you purchased – item number is sufficient
    3. Orientation and location where the artwork is to be placed

Upon receipt of your artwork we will submit a gdfw Purchase Order (this will include shipping instructions) to Paolo Cardelli who will then generate a proof for your approval – this is your last chance to make sure your name is spelled correctly – this will confirm your order which will then go to production upon receipt of your approval.