Solander Museum Case


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A storage case design that’s been around for some 250 years must have something going for it. The Solander style museum case is our finest case for storage and protection of your most valuable matted prints, photographs, maps, and drawings. The case is so solid, so handsome and so well-constructed that before it is even opened you get the sense; This is going to be special.

The tops of these boxes have a lip that helps keep out air-borne contaminates. In addition, the thick walls of the case provide outstanding physical protection for the contents. Sides and spine are made of low-resin basswood for superior stacking strength. The top and bottom are thick (.100) binder’s board. Interior is lined with acid- and lignin-free card stock. The spine of the case is hinged so that the top can fold open and lay flat for easy removal of contents. When closed the box is sealed on all sides. The heavyweight, acrylic-coated black cloth covers assure long-lasting use. Sturdy latches are designed to withstand repeated opening and closing; A metal label holder on the front accepts a standard 3 x 1-1/4” label. All hardware is nickel-plated.

This style of box has a long history: The naturalist Daniel Charles Solander, traveling with Captain Cook in the South Seas in the 1760s, constructed a book-shaped case to hold the manuscript records of the voyage. He later worked at the British Museum as an assistant librarian for the preservation of botanical specimens. The case was used to hold specimens and subsequently adopted for housing prints. His name became synonymous with the invention.

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