Swingline 4 Hole Punch

$142.75 $90.50

Swingline 4 Hole Punch

Die-cast construction

T-handle for easy leverage punching

Punches up to twenty (20) pages

Precision patented cutting punches

Easy to read set-up guide

Punch heads are 9/32″ for easy page turning

Large capacity chip holder

Non-marring rubber feet


Swingline 4 Hole Punch

Paper punched with four (4) holes can be used in several different ways.

The Project board utilizes a four (4) ring binding mechanism to secure the 15 inch side of  15″ x 21″ drawings.

When a project is completed the full set of drawings can be bound into sets for filing.

in a Hafrak Plan File using screwpost fasteners and the four (4) holes originally punched for use with the Project Board.

And, of course, world wide metric binders utilize a four (4) ring binding mechanism making four (4) holes necessary.