Vellum Overlay Sheets


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Translucent vellum or parchment in two weights: 17 basis & 28 basis weight.

This radiant white translucent sheet is the perfect overlay to distinguish the image it covers as both valued and important.  By imaging on the surface of any overlay you draw attention to a particular point on the underlying image.

Available in 11 x 8.5″ and 11 x 17″ – Sold in packs of twenty-five (25).

Note & Warning: To achieve transparency a resin is impregnated into a sheet of bond paper. That resin when subjected to high heat of a laser printer may vaporize and coat the drum of the copier. This should not occur with the printing of a few sheets using a copier that has been idle. If a run of multiple copies is attempted the resulting accumulated high heat may cause vapor to coat the drum which may then need to be cleaned.

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