Privacy & Security Policy

It is our policy to closely guard all customer data. With whom, when, what, and how we conduct our business is considered privileged to insure the confidentiality of the valued relationship we enjoy with our customers. This information is never shared


The unsecured information we collect includes details that we would reasonably need to process your order or reply to your inquiry and includes the following information which we retain:

Mailing Address
Shipping Address
Phone Number
Email Address

This information is used to fulfill delivery of your order and is retained for use at a future dates to communicate offers and information that, based on the product ordered, should be of interest.


We also collect necessary secured financial date (credit card information) to process payment of your order. This data is either sent and received in two (2) separate transmissions – all but the last four (4) digits of the card number and the expiration date followed by a reply to the Order Confirmation with the missing last four(4) digits of the card and the security code – or from a certified secure source ( and is retained as a hard copy for ninety (90) days at which time it is destroyed. The digital file is deleted upon completion of the order and permanently deleted after ninety (90) days. No digital file is retained.

Order history, product preference, order frequency becomes part of the information retained in our accounting data base; but, personal or company profiling is beyond our capability and frankly not seen as benefitting our relationship.

We see our role to be of service to your need.